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BIFAST 55.25

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BIFAST 55.25 is a double equipment with two different equipment on the same chassis.
It is the perfect choice for selective collection service.

It’s really useful for door to door collection system or employed as satellite vehicle.

This is equipment is composed of one mini compactor placed on the rear part of the chassis and one tipping tank placed behind the cabin, with side loading and discharging phase.

The mini compactor tipping tank model CSP55 is the best choice for waste collection service in small and medium cities.
It can be used as single equipment or as satellite vehicle.
It is made up completely with FE510 sheet metal, for a perfect watertight.
The equipment is composed of:
• Compaction system the articulated blade:
o The compaction carriage runs horizontally along the side guides;
o The compaction plate makes a rotating movement to the hinging point of the carriage;
• Rear container lifting device with vertical movement:
o the container first is hanged to the comb or to the arms, then it is lifted up vertically over the height of the tank, then finally it is rotated inside the tank. In this way, it is avoiding any kind of loss or drip of sewage.
• The container lifting device can be equipped with:
o Comb attack for 120/240/360 liters bins;
o Arms DIN 30700 for 770/1100 liters bins;
• Raising and discharging phase of the tipping tank thanks to electrical control through pushbutton, placed on the right side;
• Control panel placed on the rear right side of the equipment to start all cycles (automatic, synchronized and manual with all 4 independent phases);

Side tipping tank model VRP25TR it is perfectly welded in order to obtain a perfect water tight and avoid any kind of leakage.
• Side door on the left side in order to make the manual dropping of single bags easier and faster;
• Upper roof with automatic opening system, synchronized with the lateral bin lifting device;
• Bin lifting device with comb attach for 120/240/360 liters bins and for 770 liters containers with flat cover;
• Secondary side tank placed on the right side (behind the comb) with capacity of 230 liters about. It is totally welded so waterproof, it could be used for manual dropping of bags or discharging of 30/40 liters containers;
• Remote control for all the movements of the tank and of the bin lifting device:
o Raising and discharging phase tank;
o Movements of the bin lifting device;
• Lateral stabilizer;
• Safety strut;

Finally, the equipment is complete of:

• Hydraulic system with PTO, pump, distributors, security valves and hydraulic cylinders for the best working process of the equipment;
• Electric system with PLC, sensors, lights, limit switch for a complete control of the equipment by law CEI EN 60529Yellow light rotating beacon; White color working lamp for night operations;
• Mudguards and splashguards;
• Shovel and broom supports
• Rear stabilizers;
• Safety strut;
• Rotating beacons;
• Working lamps;
• Painting in one colour as required;
• CE Mark;